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Manhattan Beach Amusement Park

In 1891, tons of sand were shipped to the north shores of Sloan Lake to create the Manhattan Beach Amusement Park, which was the first amusement park west of the Mississippi River. Visitors flocked to Manhattan Beach to enjoy the theater, bowling alley, restaurant, camera obscura, bandstand, boathouse and an animal house featuring ostriches, bears, buffalos and seals.
Perhaps the most famous animal was Roger the elephant, who gave numerous children rides on his back. However in 1891, Roger got spooked by the noise from a hot air balloon and threw off the children from his back, which killed a 6-year old boy. To prevent further injuries, Roger was shot and killed. He is rumored to be buried under a parking lot near 20th Ave. and Depew Street.
In 1908, the Manhattan Beach Amusement Park burned down, which was a common occurrence at the turn of the century.

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